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I can't connect to the network in my room. What can I do?

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Article SummaryThis article is intended for students in residence.
In residence rooms, your telephone and computer (or laptop) are both connected to the college wired network by network cables. If your computer or laptop are not connected with a cable, they are using the wireless network.

To troubleshoot your network connection in your residence room

  • Does your Cisco telephone work? If it works, your network jack is working properly. If not, unplug it and try connecting it again - How do I connect the telephone in my room in residence?
  • Disconnect the network cable for your computer or device, and reconnect it. Wait for a few seconds, and try to access the network. If this works, it likely means your device was flooding the network with bad network traffic causing it to be blocked. Two main reasons this can happen are changing your network password without updating all your devices () or a program on your computer port scanning (What is port scanning?) as in the next point.
  • If you have an anti-virus or firewall program on your computer, it may be flooding the network with traffic that ITS sees as a possible attack (see Are there legitimate applications that may cause residence room network outage?). If you disable any of this software (such as Norton or McAffee) temporarily for a few minutes and the problem goes away, you know it is the problem. Contact ITS (How can I contact ITS?) for assistance on fixing this problem while maintaining your computer's security.
  • If you have an Aruba wireless access point in your room:
    • Ensure the access point has power and is connected (the lights). For more information, see What is the Aruba wireless access point in my residence room?
    • Check which network port you have your device plugged in on the Aruba access point. It should be in one of the 2 blue ports, either E0 or E1.
    • Refer to the attached Troubleshooting Flowchart PDF for additional steps to follow.
Note: Do not plug more than 2 devices into the wired network in your room, or the network will block your network jack for 15 minutes. If this continues, the network may permanently disable your network jack. For more information, see Why is my network jack in my room not working?

Warning! Do NOT use a network switch or router in your residence room, especially with DHCP turned on. It will cause major problems, and you will lose your network

If these steps do not resolve your problem, contact ITS for help - How can I contact ITS? They will request the following information when you contact them:
  • your residence room number
  • if you have an Aruba wireless AP in your room
  • the MAC address on your telephone (if this is a telephone issue) - What is a MAC address?
  • what steps you have already tried and what the results were



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