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I am tapping my ID card on the printer but it is not working. What should I do?

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Article SummaryMake sure the printer supports tap and go (is not a direct printer). Make sure you have a wifi symbol on your card, and people you know can tap to print.
This article is for staff and students.
Algonquin College Ottawa campuses print solution includes Konica Minolta printers, many of which include the option to tap your college ID card to pick up your print jobs.

How to tell which printers support this feature

Konica Minolta printers that support FindMe printing, also known as Tap, will have a green and white sign on the printer indicating this feature, as shown below. If the printer doesn't have one of these signs, tapping your card will not work. Are you looking for Find-Me printer locations? For students,see Where can I find student printers that will print over-size and colour? or for staff see Where are staff Find Me printers located on Woodroffe campus?

Konica swipe here sign 2


Konica swipe your card sign


Is my ID card the problem?

The first thing to do when tapping doesn't work, is enter your network username and password (same as your Blackboard account).
If your account is the problem, you won't be able to login.
If your card is the problem, you will be able to login and get your print job.

If the above steps determine it looks to be a problem with your card, you need to go to Card Services for assistance. They are in room E120.
Note: When you go, let them know if you are switching programs or waiting to get into a program or other similar strange enrollment situations as this may affect your status in the system.

Older college ID card will not be recognized by these printers, and must be replaced with a new ID card from Card Services. Your card must have the wifi symbol on it, as shown below.
Staff ID card

There are a small number of cards with this symbol that still cannot be recognized by the printers. If your card has this symbol but doesn't work, confirm that a friend's card works as expected and go get a new ID card from Card Services. If your friend's college ID card also doesn't work, contact ITS.

What else can I do?

  • If you don't have a college ID card or you suspect its not working for some reason, you can login in at the printer or release the job from your desk directly to a printer - I don't have a ID card, how can I use the college printers?
  • If it is a staff printer, contact the key operator for the printer, if you have not determined it is your card. The key operator has more training on the printer and may show you how to solve you issue. If they cannot resolve it, contact ITS.
Call ITS - (How can I contact ITS?) to report a printer problem. If you are staff, you will be asked what budget codes are assigned to you. Note: To speed up troubleshooting, be sure you have the Konica printer ID number on hand, see How do I find the Konica Minolta printer ID number?



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