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I am staff or a student. Can I get a loaner laptop?

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Article SummaryStaff and BYOD students can get loaner laptops while their laptop is being fixed.

If you are enrolled in a Bring your Own Device program (BYOD - What is a BYOD program?), and your laptop is getting repaired you can sign out a loaner laptop from the ITS Service Desk, if they are available.

Student Loaner

If your laptop is in for repair, go to the ITS Service Desk at A143D You will need to provide them with a minimum of your name, student ID, and a receipt showing that your laptop is being repaired. You will then be able to get a laptop loaner for the duration of the repair. Note: This is subject to loaner laptop availability.

For more information on getting your laptop repaired by ITS at A143D, see What are the prices for ITS tech services?


Staff Loaners

If you are college staff or faculty and your college laptop is being repaired, contact ITS about a loaner. You will pick-up and / or drop-off laptops at the ITS Service Desk - How to contact ITS. Note: If you are staff with a personal laptop, that does not qualify to get you a loaner.

CAUTION! Backup your information on your computer before you bring it in for any work to be done on it. Computer shops (including ITS) assume NO responsibility for lost data. For help, see How do I backup my data in Windows?




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