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I am a new student. What do I need to do before classes start?

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Article SummaryHere is a checklist of what you need to do before classes start. It is all the IT services you will need for your classes.
This article is intended for new students at all campuses.
If you are a new student at Algonquin College, the following list will help you get started with IT services offered by the college.
Fall 2017 ITS list - #1 ACSIS
Fall 2017 ITS list - #2 Network Account
Fall 2017 ITS list - #3 Connect to Wifi
Fall 2017 ITS list - #4 Blackboard
Fall 2017 ITS list - #5 Email
Fall 2017 ITS list - #6 Software and eTextbooks

If you still have questions, check out the ITS Help Centre ( ).
If that doesn't answer your questions, you can contact ITS directly for assistance - How to contact ITS.



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