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How do staff and students install and use the FindMe print queue?

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Article SummaryGo to \\woPrint1 and install WO_FindMe_Printer or WO_FindMe_Colour. For Perth, go to \\ptPrint. For Pembroke go to \\pmPrint.
Note: Before following the steps below, make sure you have PaperCut installed on your computer. For more, see How do I install the Papercut app on my Windows computer?

To install the FindMe print queue

  1. Click START > RUN or click on your Windows icon on your computer
  2. Type \\woPrint1 and press ENTER. You will see a list of printers as shown below. Note: If you are required to enter your username, use the Woodroffe\<username> format.
  • For Perth campus, type \\ptprint. Note: There is one folder with all the print queues for each of Perth and Pembroke campuses.
  • For Pembroke campus, type \\pmprint.
 Find Me Printing \\woPrint1 list
  1. Double click on WO_FindMe_Printer, and select Install Driver from the menu. For Perth, click PT_FindMe_Printer. For Pembroke, click PM_FindMe_Printer.
Note: Choose a colour queue (such as WO_FindMe_Colour) if you want to print colour, otherwise your printing will be printing in black and white.
There will be a long pause before the next step - do not click again or close your browser.
  1. Follow the prompts to install the print queue.
You have successfully installed your printer!

To Print to a FindMe printer

  1. Click on File/Print.
  2. Change your printer to WO_FindMe_Printer and select PRINT. 
  • For Perth, change to PT_FindMe_Printer.
  • For Pembroke, change to PM_FindMe_Printer.
  1. The Print Job Notification will pop up.
  2. If you are staff and belong to more than one cost center, choose Account and select the correct cost center from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  3. Click Print.
  4. If you are a student you will see another popup confirming your print job. Click to confirm and submit your job.
  5. Walk over to your printer. Note: If you need to know where FindMe printers are located at Woodroffe campus, see Where are staff Find Me printers located on Woodroffe campus? or Where can I find student printers that will print over-size and colour?
  6. Tap your ID Card to retrieve your print job. Note: You can also enter your username and password instead of tapping - see I don't have a ID card, how can I use the college printers?
Note: If you cannot find your print job, ensure you have the correct printer, check the print jobs in the printer memory, and if necessary on your computer look up your print job in PaperCut to see where you sent the print job. If you still cannot resolve the issue, please contact ITS - How can I contact ITS?

To Cancel a Print Job

  1. Select the Papercut icon from your Windows task tray as shown below.
  Papercut icon in Windows system tray
  1. Right click the icon and select Details…
  2. Enter your network password in the login screen
  3. On the left menu, select Jobs Pending Release, locate the job pending and under Action select CANCEL.
Cancel a print job
Note: If you do not cancel your job, it will be deleted from the queue after 2 hours.



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