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How do staff configure direct printing to Konica Minolta printers on a MAC?

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Article SummaryOnce PaperCut is installed, follow these steps to install a Direct printer on an Apple computer.
How to do staff direct printing with the new printers for MAC
If you have already have access to the Find-me-printers, start at step 3.
  1. Install the driver and script from the list below and follow the steps in How do I install a Konica Minolta Find me Printer on my Mac?
Note: You will still need to add the printer to Apple computers (MACs) as you normally would using the steps below.
  1. Go to your MAC System Preferences and click Printers & Scanners.
Note: You should see your Find-me-printer already populated in the list. If not, you may need to add that one manually as well. To see how, go to How do I install a Konica Minolta Find me Printer on my Mac?.
  1. Press the + sign.
  2. Next you will see the Add screen pop up. Right-click beside the windows printer icon and select customize tool bar. If you see Advanced already on the toolbar, click it and proceed to the next step.
    • Drag the Advanced icon from the pop up window to beside the Windows printer icon, as shown in the image below.
  3. Enter in the required information below. The type and device should be as shown below.
  • Leave Type as it is.
  • The URL stays the same as well except for “PrinterName” Input the name of the printer you are installing; you can find this information on a label on the printer - Where can I find the printer name and model?
  • The Name and Location of the printer can be whatever you want here.
  • Use needs to be set to Generic PCL Printer.
  • Click Add when done. Note: If you want to print color, follow these additional steps.
direct papercut printing on mac
  1. The first time you print, you will likely get a pop up that looks like the image below. This is normal.
    • Input your college username (without the and password. 
    • Then select Remember this password in my keychain .
Now you can print!

To print using your new Konica Minolta staff printer

  1. Select the name of the printer to print to and select Print.
  2. A screen will pop up similar to the image below. This screen tells you the cost of your printer job and allows you to select the department you wish to charge.
Note: If you do not select print on this screen your page will not print!
papercut on MAC

For more information on PaperCut and how you can track your print job, see How do I use PaperCut?

To install a Konica Minolta Bizhub c368 color printer driver on a Mac

  1. Follow this link to MAC drivers for BizHub C368 Konica Minolta colour printers on the Konica Minolta website.
  2. Click Driver.
  3. Ensure English is selected, and select which version of Mac OS you are running (10.6 - 10.11).
  4. The top line in the table has the most up to date driver. (Only Postscript drivers are available for Mac OS.)
  5. In the top row, click the icon under Download.
  6. Read and accept the agreement. Note the size of the files you are downloading, and ensure you have enough space for them (around 42 Mb just to download).
  7. Click the .txt file to download it first, then select the .dmg file.
  8. While the larger file is downloading read the .txt file for any additional instructions.
  9. Once the .dmg file is downloaded, click it to install the driver.
  10. Follow the prompts to install it.
  11. Follow the steps in the process above, and in step 5 use the driver you just installed instead of the Generic PCL Driver shown in the example.




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