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How do I use the Wi-fi QuickConnect tool to get on ACSecure?

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Article SummaryIf you have problems connecting to ACSecure, this article walks you through using the wireless quick connect tool to get connected.
This article is intended for all staff and students at Woodroffe and Pembroke campuses.
There are two wireless networks on campus - ACGuest and ACSecure.

If you have an AC username and password, connect to ACSecure - How do I connect to ACSecure college wireless network?
If you have problems connecting to ACSecure, use the following steps to configure your connection.

To use the quick connect wireless tool to connect to ACSecure

  1. Select the ACGuest wireless network SSID.
  2. Open a web browser. You will be directed to the ACGuest web portal.
  3. Select the I have an AC username button.
  4. On the next screen, click Yes to confirm you have your AC username and password.
  5. Follow the prompts to configure your ACSecure wireless connection automatically.
Note: You will be prompted for your AC username and password. For help finding your username and password, see Where can I find my network account information?

After completing those steps, your connection to the ACSecure wireless network has been configured.

If you do not know your password, see How do I reset a password with MyPass?
If you do not have an AC username and password, see I am a guest on campus, how do I connect to the wireless network?




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