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How do I use Revolabs FLX 2 VoIP conference phones?

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Article SummaryRevolab FLX 2 phones are used in some conference rooms at the college.
The Revolabs FLX 2 phone consists of the following parts:
  • a base charging unit,
  • a cylindrical speaker unit,
  • a cordless phone handset, and
  • 2 wireless microphones.

To set up the Revolabs phone for a meeting

  1. All parts should start on the charging unit.
  2. Move all the parts to the table.
  3. Place the cylindrical speaker unit in the middle of the conference table.
  4. Place the 2 wireless microphones halfway between the speaker and the ends of the table. Note: You do not need to touch the microphones or move them close to your mouth when speaking. They will pick up a normal conversation from that location on the table.
  5. Use the handset to place or receive calls.

To start a conference call using the handset

  1. Dial the first number, and press the green handset icon.
  2. Once the call is established press the right arrow to place this call on hold.
  3. Now dial the second number, and press the green handset icon.
  4. once that call is established, press the left arrow to go back to the call on hold.
  5. Select "Join" on the soft keys to establish the conference.

Note: Before leaving the meeting, ensure all parts of the Revolabs phone are placed on the charger.For help using the FLX 2 phones, see the attached Quick Guide PDF.

For quick steps to get started, see the attached PDF.
For help troubleshooting FLX 2 issues, see The Revolabs FLX phone in a boardroom isn't working. How can I troubleshoot it?

If you continue to need assistance, contact ITS - How can I contact ITS?



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