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How do I use MyDesktop once I am logged in?

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Article SummaryThis article explains how to use MyDesktop once you are logged in.
This article is intended for all staff and students at all campuses.

Once you are logged into MyDesktop, it is as if you are using your normal computer. There are only a couple of differences.

Select your software image

After you select the MyDesktop connection, you will see a screen with different options. These each contain different applications and are useful for different groups of users. For example architect students will use the AutoCad image, where ESL students will use Language applications.
If you are not sure which image to use, try the Standard Applications image as it has all the standard applications common to the access labs such as MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and so on.

For a list of available MyDesktop images and the software installed on each, see the attached PDF.

Things to remember in MyDesktop

While the desktop may look like your computer there are a few important differences you need to remember:

  • Save everything to your N drive or a connected flash drive. Otherwise when you close the connection it is gone.
  • Your printer and other USB devices (except mouse and keyboard) are not connected by default - if you want to print, you must set it up each time. For help setting up your printer, see How do I setup my printer in MyDesktop?

The top MyDesktop menu bar

At the top of your desktop is a menu bar with 3 buttons - Options, Connect USB Device, and Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

  • Options menu

The Options menu allows you to get information about the VMware client, switch to another desktop, send Ctrl-Alt-Delete, or Disconnect.
Switch to another desktop allows you start multiple MyDesktop sessions. Normally this is not required, and it is not recommended if you are off-campus.
Enable relative mouse will limit your mouse to the MyDesktop screen. If you are not fullscreen, you will not be able to move to your normal computer desktop. The easiest way to disable this feature is to log off, and back in to MyDesktop but be sure to save your work first.
  • Connect USB device

This menu allows you to select how and when to connect to USB devices on your computer. For example if you have a cell phone connected, you can access it within MyDesktop if you install the drivers for it using this menu.
  • Send Ctrl-Alt-Delete

You are not able to simply press these 3 keys in MyDesktop because it would reset your computer, not MyDesktop. Instead, select this option in MyDesktop and it will be just like you pressed those 3 keys on your keyboard.





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