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How do I troubleshoot a staff printer not detected by Windows?

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Article SummaryThis article includes procedures for troubleshooting when Windows does not detect a printer.
This article applies to faculty and staff at all campuses.

This article addresses staff printers. For help with student printing, see How do I print on campus?

Nearly all staff printers on campus are Konica Minolta or Lexmark printers that are connected to the college network. These printers use direct print queues and virtual (Find Me) print queues to both install the printer and to print documents.

A key operator has been assigned to each printer and who sits close by. They are trained to solve more complex printer issues than standard users. If you are having printer problems, it is a good idea to contact the key operator before just pressing buttons or panicking.

To troubleshoot your printer

  1. Get the information about your printer - brand, model, printer ID# , location, key operator name. For help, see How do I know if a Konica Minolta printer is a colour printer? and How do I find the Konica Minolta printer ID number?
  2. Try to discover the last time the printer was working.
  3. Is this is a local printer (is it plugged into your computer directly such as with a USB cable) or is it a network printer? If it is a networked printer, contact the key operator or ITS for assistance. If it is plugged directly into your computer, that is a local printer.
  • If this is a local printer, not a Konica Minolta, you can try turning the printer's power off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on. This will reset many potential problems
  1. Is the college intranet working? Can you reach internal college websites such as ACSIS or Blackboard? If not, this is likely a network problem instead of a printer problem and you should contact ITS for assistance.
  2. Ensure the printer is powered on and online.
  3. Check the printer's LCD screen for error messages. Most error messages are very descriptive and helpful. For more, see How do I troubleshoot a device error message on a Konica Minolta printer?
  4. Check to make sure this printer is visible in the printer queue.
  5. Reboot your computer. Try printing again after the reboot.
  6. Try printing to a different printer.
If these steps don't fix your printer issue, you can check these articles for additional troubleshooting ideas, or contact ITS - How to contact ITS:
Note: Be prepared to provide the results from these steps to ITS when you call.



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