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How do I troubleshoot a device error message on a Konica Minolta printer?

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Article SummaryIf you see the error message "Device ##### is not configured.", contact ITS to resolve the issue.
On Konica Minolta printers, if you see the following error message (where #### is the printer's number) :
Device ##### is not configured. Please try again later. If the problem persists please consult your system administrator.

Each KM printer has a key operator assigned to them. Contact the key operator if you can to try their standard onsite troubleshooting.

Another error on Konica Minolta printers happens when a print job with the wrong size paper is sent to that printer.
When this happens, the printer can't print that print job and won't move on to the next job.
You know this is the case when there is a DISP WARNING button at the top right of the display panel, as shown below.
College printer error - DISP WARNING
If you press this button it will show you the print jobs that are stuck with the wrong paper size.
Select a different size paper for the job, and it will print. If you do this for each of the stuck jobs, the backlog of printing will all print.
If you can't get the jobs to print, contact ITS for assistance.

If you cannot contact the key operator, or if they cannot resolve the issue please contact ITS to report this problem - How can I contact ITS?

When you contact ITS, be sure to have:
  • the printer location (campus / building / room),
  • the printer hostname (includes room number normally), and
  • the Konica number on the printer.



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