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How do I transfer files from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010?

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Article SummaryThis article is intended for staff and faculty at all campuses.

To transfer your content from the SharePoint 2007 environment to the SharePoint 2010 environment:

  1. Browse to the document library that you would like to transfer to the new environment. Example:
  2. In Internet Explorer, select Actions > Open With Windows Explorer.
    Note: A Windows Explorer window will open containing your folders and documents. You can copy the contents to a local folder on your computer or proceed.
  3. In http://connect browse to the library that you would like to transfer the content to. In Library Tools, click on Library.
  4. In the Connect & Export area in the ribbon, select Open with Windows Explorer.
  5. Highlight the objects in the window from the old list and copy them to the new list.

You have now transferred your content to the new SharePoint 2010 environment.




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