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How do I print on campus?

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Article SummaryAn introduction to printing at Algonquin College for staff and students.

This article helps both students and staff get started with printing by answering your printing questions.

What are the requirements to print on campus?

To print at Algonquin College, both staff and students need the following things:

Note: If you can't install Papercut or a print queue, you can use the web print portal to print using your browser - How do I use web printing at the college?
Note: If you are using an access lab computer, or you are using myDesktop (What is MyDesktop?), they have Papercut and print queues installed already.

WARNING! Do not send password protected files (such as PDFs) to the web print portal. They will not print, and fill delay the print queue. Use FindMe or direct printing for those files.

What kinds of printers are on campus?

On campus there are direct and FindMe printers.

  • Direct printers - In classrooms and many offices, printers are normally Black & White and you print directly to them - How do I install and use a direct print queue?
  • FindMe printers - Additionally there are multi-function device (MFD) printers that print color, over-sized paper, scan, and copy. These are FindMe printers - you can print to the FindMe print queue, and conveniently pick up your printing at any of these MFDs by tapping your ID card to release your print job. For help with FindMe queues, see How do staff and students install and use the FindMe print queue?
Note: For MAC computers, you can install both types of printers at the same time, see How do I print from a MAC when on campus?

For more on the different printer types, see What is the difference between FindMe and direct printing?
Note: If you are printing sensitive or confidential documents, use FindMe printers - you print it when you get there so its not laying around waiting for you to pick it up.
Note: Students cannot print to staff printers, and cannot install staff printer queues.

How do I know which printers can print colour or oversize printing?

Each printer has signs stating what types of printing it can do, and how much that printing costs. For example the following image indicates a colour printer and costs.

Price list on colour printers

Where can I find printers on campus?

The name of a direct printer queue tells you were to find it including campus, building, room, and printer number in that room - for example a student printer on Woodroffe campus in A building room 124 would be ACWoodroffe-A124-1. To find student FindMe printers, see Where can I find student printers that will print over-size and colour?

How much does printing cost?

Printers have signs on them stating what kinds of printing that printer can do, and how much they cost.
For student printing costs, see How much does it cost to print on campus?

How do I pay for printing?

Staff pay for printing using an assigned budget code. Speak to your manager to start the process if you don't have one.
Students can use print credits or money on their AC Card to pay for printing. Print credits are assigned at the start of each term to students who pay the IT Fee (What is the IT Fee?). When you run out of print credits, you will use the money on your AC Card to pay for printing. For help with your AC Card, see the Card Services website.

Can I print from my phone or tablet?

To print from your phone or tablet, you need to use the web print portal - How do I use web printing at the college?

Where can I get help with printing?

For problems installing or using Papercut and print queues, see ITS - How can I contact ITS?
For refunds, payments, or AC Card issues see the Card Services office at E120, or the Card Services website.





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