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How do I print a selection from an eTextbook?

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Article SummaryYou can select a passage from your eTextbook from in your web browser and print from within your favorite word processor.
This article is intended for students.
Note: You cannot print a selection within the Texidium app, just a full chapter.

To print a selection from your eTextbook

  1. To open your eTextbook in your browser, go to and login with your Texidium account information.
  2. Open your eTextbook in your browser.
  3. Highlight the text you want to print.
  4. Cut and paste that selection to a word processor, such as MS Word or Pages.
Now you can format and print your selection how you like from in MS Word, Pages, or other word processors. For more on student printing, see the Student Print webpage.

For more on cutting and pasting from eTextbooks, Can I cut and paste information from my eTextbook into MS Word?

If you need technical help with Texidium (not your eTextbooks), please contact Texidium help at



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