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How do I opt-in to the IT Fee?

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Article SummaryConfirm you have not paid the IT Fee, pay the fee at the Registrar's Office, wait 3 days, and get your network account information from ACSIS.
The Information Technology (IT) Fee is an agreement between the college Information Technology Services (ITS) department and the Students' Association. It is a small fee students pay each term with their tuition to offset costs for the college computer services, including helping pay for the college computer network, many computer labs, basic printing and other computer related services on campus. A large part of your the services at the college are based on your Algonquin College network account that you will receive after paying the IT Fee. For more on your network account, see How do new students get a network account?

At Algonquin College, each course or program is flagged for whether it requires computers. If your course needs computers, the IT Fee is mandatory. If your course does not, you will not pay the IT Fee with your tuition. However you may still opt-in and pay the IT Fee to have access to the college computer services by visiting your registrar office and paying the fee. For more information, see What is the IT Fee?

To opt-in to the IT Fee

  1. Confirm you have not already paid some or all of the IT Fee with your tuition. To check this:
  2. Contact the Registrar's Office to pay the fee. Make sure your information on file is correct, especially your email address.
  3. Wait 3 days for your network account to be created. Note:
  4. Get your network account username and password from your ACSIS account - Where can I find my network account information?
  5. If you do not have an account 4 days after you paid the fee, contact the Registrar's Office to confirm your information.
If you need assistance with computer related issues, come to the ITS Service Desk - How can I contact ITS?

Note: To find out what the IT Fee provides you access to, see What is the IT Fee?



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