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How do I manually connect a device to the college ACSecure wireless network?

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Article SummaryThis article provides you with the information to manually connect your device to the college wireless network.
This article is intended for all staff and students at all campuses.
If you can't connect to ACSecure wireless network automatically on your device (How do I use ACSetup to connect to college wireless?), you can use the following settings to manually configure your device.

On your device, go to the wireless menu, and select Manual Configuration. Enter the following settings
Network name - ACSecure
Security Type - WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption Type - AES
Start this connection automatically - Ensure this is selected.
Connect even if network is not broadcasting - Ensure this is selected.

Network Authentication - Protected EAP (PEAP)
Remember my credentials each time I login - Ensure this is selected.

Validate server certificate - Ensure this is NOT selected.
Authentication method used - EAP MSCHAP v2. (This is for certificate authentication.)

If asked to Specify authentication mode select User Authentication and save credentials.

During manual configuration you will also need to provide your username and password to logon.

Once configured, your device will automatically connect to ACSecure when on campus.

Note: Your device may not require all this information to log on.
Note: The prompts may be worded slightly differently on your device.

If you still cannot connect to wifi after trying this information, contact ITS for assistance - How to contact ITS.



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