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How do I manage my SharePoint Connect site?

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Article SummaryThis article explains how to perform some of the basic Management tasks for a SharePoint Connect site.
This article applies to faculty and staff at all campuses.
The owner of a SharePoint Connect site has the ability to perform various operations that control how others access the site by way of permissions, how it appears to users (the Theme), and how users navigate around the site.

You can find information about managing your Sharepoint site in the SharePoint Connect Knowledge Base, however much of this information is available here in the ITS Help Centre

Note: You will be prompted for your network account credentials to access the site under the following conditions:
  1. You are using which the browser views as and external address and security settings will prompt for a login.
  2. The PC/Laptop is not on the college domain.
  3. You are not using Internet Explorer.



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