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How do I install the Papercut app on my Windows computer?

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Article SummaryGet the install file, download it, and follow the prompts. You will need to be logged into the college network to follow these steps. You cannot use ACGuest.
This article is for staff and students.

You will need 2 things installed to print on campus - PaperCut, and the print queue for the printer. The steps in this article will help you download and install PaperCut - What is PaperCut?
If you aren't sure if you already have Papercut installed, see

Before following these steps, you need:

To download and install PaperCut

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run window.
  2. Enter \\acprint and press enter. Note: You may be prompted to login at this point. When you enter your username include woodroffe. For example if your username is smit0123, you would enter woodroffe\smith0123.
  3. Select PCClient > win.
  4. Double-click on the client-local-install application file to run it.
  5. Select Next a couple times, and Papercut will install in the background.
Note: When it is installed, a Papercut window will pop-up and prompt you for your username and password.
PaperCut is now installed on your computer!

Note: If you are staff on a college computer and these steps don't work, please contact ITS for assistance - How can I contact ITS?

If you have problems installing Papercut or the print queue, you can use the web print portal (How do I use college web printing?).

With PaperCut installed, you can now install FindMe and direct printer queues and start printing - see What is the difference between FindMe and direct printing?



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