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How do I install classroom printers on a Mac?

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Article SummaryIf you are printing to a printer that does not let you tap your ID card to release a job, that is a direct printer. Most of them are in classrooms.
If you want to print to a classroom printer that does not accept tapping your ID to release your print job, that is a direct printer. Direct means when you print it goes straight to the printer immediately and you are charged for the print job also immediately. The other kind of printers are FindMe where you tap to release your print job and you aren't charged until you tap. For more, see What is the difference between FindMe and direct printing?

For the steps on how to install printing on your MAC, see How do I print from a MAC when on campus?
If you have problems installing printing files on your computer you can use the web print portal, see How do I print using web printing at the college?



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