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How do staff and students install and use a direct print queue?

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Article SummaryDirect printing sends the job when you hit print and prints immediately with no tap required.
Go to \\woPrint2 and install the driver for your printer. Ensure you have PaperCut installed. For Pembroke, go to \\pmprint. For Perth, go to \\ptprint.
If you want to print to a single specific printer, use the Direct print queue. Before following the steps below, you need to ensure you have PaperCut installed on your computer. For help, see How do I install the Papercut app on my Windows computer?

To install a Direct print queue driver - Windows

  1. Select START > RUN or click on your Windows icon on your computer.
  2. Type \\woPrint2 and press ENTER. You will see a list of printers as shown below. Note: You may be asked to enter your college network username - if so, be sure to add Woodroffe\ at the start.
  • For Perth campus, go to \\ptPrint.
  • For Pembroke campus, go to \\pmPrint.
Sample of staff printers from \\woPrint2Student list of printers in \\woPrint2
Sample of staff direct printers from \\woPrint2Sample of student direct printers from \\woPrint2
Names - Staff printer names include the campus, printer brand, building, and room number to help you locate the correct printer. Students printers all start with AC and don't include the printer model.

It may require a minute or two when after you select the printer before it is done. Note: Do not click it again.
  1. Select the printer you want to install, such as WO-KM-T323-1 from the above image. Note: You may be prompted to confirm you want to install the driver, select Do not show this again and select Yes. Future printer installs will be faster.
  2. Double click on the printer name and select Install driver. Note: There will be a long pause before the next step - do not click again or close your browser.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the driver.
  4. When done, send a test page to the printer to ensure everything is working.
You successfully connected to your printer!
Note: You need to repeat these steps for each printer you will be directly printing to
To print to a direct printer from your application
  1. In your application, select Print and select your printer.
  2. Select Print to send your document to the print queue.
  3. You will see a Papercut window pop up. Note: This is your chance to review your print job and ensure it is correct. You can select Cancel if it is not.
  4. This window will ask you to select the account to charge the printing (your budget code).
  • Note: If you are a student, when you select Print in your application, you will see a pop-up that lists the print job cost and shows your Papercut balance tab in the top right corner.
Student Papercut popup when printing from an application
  1. Select Print to continue.
  2. Papercut will confirm your document has been sent.
You can pick up your printing at that printer immediately.

Can I cancel a print job to a direct printer?

No. As soon as you click Print in Papercut, the job is sent to the printer. It doesn't wait to print, it is immediately printed.




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