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How do I increase the size of my network storage?

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Article SummaryDo you really need more space? Check your free space, and clean up files you don't need first. Remember you have lots of email storage in Office 365. Contact ITS if you still need extra storage.
By default, all staff members are assigned 2.0 Gigabytes (GB) of storage on their network (N) drive. Typically, staff and faculty also have access to departmental storage. If you do not have access and require it, contact your Manager or Department Chair to make your request

Do you really need more space?

First, check how much space is free on your N drive.

To check your network storage quota level - Woodroffe campus:

  1. Click the Start button and then select the Computer icon.
  2. Details will be shown on the left. Optionally right-click on the icon and go to Properties.  

To check your network storage quota level - Pembroke and Perth campuses:

  1. Select your network drive, and open it.
  2. Press Control-A to select all files on the drive.
  3. Right-click the selected files, and select Properties.

Then before requesting additional space, clean up your storage by removing unused old files, personal files, or unused temporary files. Large files such as videos can usually be stored with Camtasia or other storage methods. If these steps do no free up sufficient space, you should request additional space for your N drive.

Note: Your Office 365 email account has lots of storage. You can easily free up space by moving emails off your N-drive. For help, see How do I restore email from a PST archive back into Outlook folder?

Note: Students get 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage on their OneDrive as part of their email account. Students should use this storage instead of requesting additional space on their N drive. For more information, see What is OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) ?

To request additional space for your N drive

If you require additional storage beyond your 2.0GB, you must submit a request through the ITS Service Desk (How to contact ITS) using the process in this article. The following information is required:

  • your name
  • your staff user ID
  • the size of increase being requested
  • the reason for the requested increase
  • approval from your Manager or Chair (for Departmental storage only)
Note: For your request to be approved, the reason must be work-related. For example, requests for an increase in storage to store personal files will not be considered.

There are several Cloud-based storage alternative options you can use for personal files (for example, DropBox and Microsoft OneDrive). If the reason for your request is for large video and other media files, you will need to demonstrate how they are important to your work. Often videos can be taken care of by Camtasia online. In many cases, ITS is pleased to provide extra storage for work-related purposes. Note: OneDrive storage will be coming to your staff Office 365 email account in a few months; currently staff do not have access to a OneDrive as part of their staff email account.

Cloud based storage options are discussed in this KB article: What storage options do I have other than my Algonquin N drive?

Once you submit the above information to ITS, a decision will be made concerning your request. If it is allowed your storage will be increased and you will be notified. Typically this process takes 1 business day but may take longer due to the approval process or missing information.



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