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How do I host or join a WebEx meeting using Cisco WebEx One-click?

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Article SummaryThis article provides steps to settings up and joinging a WebEx meeting.
In this meeting, you will be the host and the presenter. The host sets up the meeting and invites the other attendees. The presenter is the person who is talking, in control of the slides, or in control of the shared desktop.

Before starting these steps, you must have a WebEx account. If you don't have one, or aren't sure if you have one contact ITS for assistance - How can I contact ITS?

One-click is the WebEx app that installs and runs in the background. It has the blue and green ball icon. 

To host / start a meeting using WebEx One-Click

  1. Open WebEx One-Click.
  2. Select Start Meeting.
  3. It will prompt you for one or more email address(es). These are the people you want to invite to the meeting.
  4. Next it will prompt you to login. Use your Algonquin College WebEx account username and password. For help, see How do I request a WebEx account?
  5. Next it will prompt you for the Meeting Topic and Meeting password.
  6. Once that information has been entered correctly and you select OK or Apply (apply will save it for next time), select Start Meeting again.
  7. This will start the WebEx Meeting Centre application, and email invites to the email addresses you entered in step 3.
  8. In Meeting Center, you can:
  • Record the meeting. When selected the recorder controls appear at the bottom right corner of your screen and allow you to pause, start, and stop the recording.
  • End the meeting. If you select this option, you will be prompted to confirm.
  • Provide your audio preferences - if you have a conference phone select I Will Call In, and the 3 steps to call in are shown.


To join a meeting

When the host sets up their meeting, you will get an email invitation including the following information:
  • Meeting topic
  • Meeting start date and time
  • WebEx meeting number ( 9-digit number) and password
  • Phone numbers to join - use the US TOLL FREE number for Canada or USA. If outside of North America, click on Global call-in numbers to select a different number to call.
You can join the meeting at any time. Often hosts will allow people to join a few minutes before the meeting officially starts to ensure everyone is ready on time.

Note: Not all college phones are equipped for long distance, including toll free numbers. Ensure your phone has this capability or you will not be able to phone in to the WebEx Meeting. If you need changes to your phone service, contact ITS a few days in advance of when you will need it. For help, see How can I contact ITS?

You will want to join to the meeting twice:
  1. Click on the Join WebEx Meeting link. This link connects you to the computer part of the meeting that will display shared desktops, and display information about the meeting such as who is attending and who is presenting.
  2. Also join the meeting by phone. Not all computers have a microphone and speakers to allow you to participate in the meeting using only your computer. In this case, you need to use your desktop phone or conference phone to call in to the meeting.
If you have any problems, contact the meeting host and/or WebEx support.

Note: If you leave a WebEx meeting or are disconnected, you can reconnect without issue as long as the meeting is still in progress and the maximum number of attendees has not been exceeded.

Watch this video from WebEx on How to join a WebEx meeting.



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