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How do I forget a wireless network in Windows 8.1?

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Article SummaryThis article explains how to remove a wireless network or profile in Windows 8.1.
This article is intended for all staff and students at all campuses.
Forgetting a wireless network is often the easiest first step to try when troubleshooting wireless problems. Any configuration problems may be forgotten as well.

There are 3 methods to remove a wireless profile using the toolbar, using the command prompt, and an alternate command prompt method on PCs. Choose the method to use by which interface you are more comfortable with - toolbar or command prompt.

Note: For each of these procedures, you must know the name of the network you want to remove.

 To manually remove a wireless profile / forget a wireless network in Windows 8.1

Option 1: Remove the wifi network from the list of known networks via the toolbar

Follow these steps.

  1. Click the Network icon on the system tray and then you will be able to see the wireless connections.
  2. Right click the old SSID and select Forget this network.

Option 2: Use the command line to remove the network from the computer

If these steps do not work, then you can follow these steps.

  1. Press Windows key + X and select Command Prompt(Admin)
  2. Type netsh wlan delete profile <profile name>.
  3. Press Enter.

Option 3:

  1. On a PC, press the key combination Windows key + R to open a run dialog. On a tablet, press Ctrl+ ESC.
  2. Type run in the field at the bottom of the popup. 
  3. Type cmd and hit enter.
  4. Type the following command to display all saved wifi networks:
    • netsh wlan show profiles
  5. To remove a specific profile, type the following (replace xxxxx with the appropriate wireless profile name):
    • netsh wlan delete profile name=xxxxx

At this point you should no longer be able to find a saved record of that wifi network.
The next step is to add the network back onto your computer, properly configured to avoid any issues. For help, see How do I connect to wireless at Algonquin College?

Note: To forget a wireless profile on an iPhone or iPad, see How do I forget a wireless network on my iPhone or iPad?




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