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How do I download Texidium apps?

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Article SummaryThe Texidium app is an eReader that designed to work with the Algonquin College eTextbooks and the Digital Resources Portal .
A Texidium app is a stand alone eReader that does not require your browser that enables you to read your eTextbooks even without an internet connection. Some additional benefits over using your web browser are:
  • Mobile. No need to feel tied to your computer. A Texidium app on your tablet or smartphone lets you study anywhere at any time.
  • Flexible. Read on your choice of platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS) and device (laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Integrated. Read on your home computer, then switch to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and pick up exactly where you left off, with all your notes and highlights saved.

To install Texidium apps

  1. Go to Algonquin College eText webpage - .
  2. Select Install Apps.
  3. Choose the app you wish to download and install from the list - Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.
  4. Follow the install steps for your app.

Alternatively, the Texidium iOS app is available on iTunes, and the Texidium Android app is available on Google Play.





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