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How do I download my eTextbooks?

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Article SummaryStudents go to the Digital Resources portal and install Texidium eReader to get textbooks.

To download your eTextbooks

  1. Go to the Digital Resources Portal and login with your AC network account info.
  2. Select the books for your courses, put them in the cart, and checkout.
  3. When prompted go to Texidium to create an account. Note: Use a personal email account that you will have access to for a long time.
  4. Download and install a Texidum eReader for your device (Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Android). For help see - How do I download Texidium apps?
  5. Open your Texidium eReader app, and log in. You will see your books greyed out with cloud icons on them.
  6. Double click on the textbook to download it to your local device. Now you will be able to print it by chapter, or read without connecting to the network.

After completing these steps, you will have your eTextbooks on your device.
Note: if you are not in a BYOD program, you will not have any eTextbooks. For more on BYOD, see Is my college program a BYOD program?




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