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How do I connect to wireless at Algonquin College?

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Article SummaryConnect to ACSecure or ACGuest using 3 easy steps - select ACSecure, enter your username & password, and accept the certificate.
This article is intended for all staff and students.

3 easy steps to connect to wireless at Algonquin College

  1. Select ACSecure.
  2. Enter your AC username & password.
  3. Accept the certificate.
You are connected!
Wifi floor sticker

That may be lacking in details for some people. The expanded connection method follows.

To connect to wireless at Algonquin College - detailed

Before connecting to Algonquin wireless on campus you need to have: Once you are ready to connect to wifi, you can connect to one of:
ACSecure - This is for all students, faculty, and staff as it provides access to all Algonquin services and requires a secure login
ACGuest - This is intended for visitors and guests; it only allows access to public Internet and webmail and is not secure

To connect to ACSecure, see How do I connect to the ACSecure college wireless network?
If you have problems connecting to ACSecure, you can use the automated connection tool. For help, see How do I use the automatic Wi-fi connection tool to get on ACSecure?

In residence you can connect to wifi the same as if you are on campus. In your room you can also plug into the wired network, for help see - How do I connect my laptop or other device to the network in my residence room?

If you are a guest or a visitor on campus, see I am a guest on campus, how do I connect to the wireless network?
Note: The guest network is not intended for commercial use.



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