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How do I connect my N-drive on my Linux laptop?

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Article SummaryThis article includes steps to mount your N drive in Linux.
ITS does not support Linux.

Note: ITS does not support Linux. For assistance with Linux, check the Knowledge Base, check with your instructor, or check with online forums.

To connect to your N-drive in Linux

1. Login to Linux
2. Create a mount directory under the /mnt: directory (E.g. /mnt/n-drive)
3. Edit your /etc/fstab file. Add one of the following lines to the end of it, depending if you are staff or a student:
If you are staff, use this line:
 //$/YourUsername /mnt/n-drive cifs username=YourUsername.password=YourPassword 0 0

If you are a student, use this line instead:

 //$/YourUsername /mnt/n-drive cifs username=YourUsername.password=YourPassword 0 0

This will make the drive persistent whenever you logon.
4. Run the command:
mount -a to mount N-Drive
You are not connected to your N Drive.

For information on N-drives at Perth, see What address do I use to connect to my network (N drive) shared storage on Perth campus?
For more student storage options, see What storage options do I have other than my Algonquin N drive?




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