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How do I check that I have PaperCut installed on Windows?

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Article SummaryCheck your system tray for the PaperCut icon. If not there, reboot your computer.
This is for staff only.
PaperCut is the software that manages print budget codes and print jobs. For more on PaperCut, see What is PaperCut?

For staff to use the Find-me-print option and be able to print to any tap-and-go enabled printer on campus, you must first download and install the PaperCut software. 

Note: If your staff computer is on the college network, PaperCut will be on your system already - check your system tray for the PaperCut icon as shown below.
PaperCut icon
If the icon is not there, plug into the wired network and reboot your computer. You should see the icon in the tooltray as shown in the above image.

If you are staff on a college computer, you can also try updating the Group Policy on your computer to get PaperCut automatically from the network - How do I force a Group Policy update on my computer while connected to the college network? Note: This does not apply to students, just staff.
If PaperCut is still not there, you (staff and students) can install it yourself using these instructions - How do I install the Papercut app on my Windows computer?
If you continue to have problems, please contact ITS for help - How can I contact ITS?.

With PaperCut installed, you can now install the printer queue and start printing - see What is the difference between Virtual and Direct printing?

For more information on PaperCut features, see How do I use PaperCut?.




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