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How do I change my ACSIS password?

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Article SummaryYou can easily change your password online. However, if need proof of identity for RO or ITS support to help you change your ACSIS password.

You can change your own password without assistance in almost all situations!

On your first ever login to ACSIS, the system prompts you to change your password.
Change your password to any combination of letters, numbers and / or special characters. For guidance on choosing passwords, see What are Algonquin College's minimum password rules?
Once you have changed your ACSIS password, you will be promoted to setup your network account self-service password reset (SSPR) information. For help, see How do I configure my college email on my first login? Once that is completed you will be able to reset your network password on your own (different from your ACSIS password - see What is the difference between my Network ID and Algonquin ID?).

If you don't remember your ACSIS password and need help to change it, the Registrars Office (RO) or ITS can help you. However, you will need to provide picture ID and another form of identification (What identification is required by students to get help with ITS or RO services?) due to the sensitive information stored on ACSIS. They will reset your password to the original password, and it will be like your first time logging in again.




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