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How do I add pages to my printing account?

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Article SummaryEligible students get print credits, and use AC Cash for additional printing. Print credits are added at the start of term for eligible students.
Students who have paid the IT Fee (see What is the IT Fee?) receive free print credits at the start of each term. For Fall 2017 term eligible students will receive 700 print credits. These will show up on your card as $70 (10 cents per sheet for regular printing).

Note: Any unused pages will be lost at the end of the semester.
Note: These print credits can only be used for printing.

When you run out of print credits, money on your AC Card (not meal plans) will be used to pay for your printing. To add money to your AC Card, see How do I load money to my AC Card's AC Cash account?

If you run out of credits and/or money when you are trying to print at a FindMe printer (where you tap), the printer will inform you that you are out. From that time, you have 2 hours to add money to your AC Card and return to the printer to get your print job before it will be deleted from the print queue. If your print job is deleted after 2 hours, you are not charged for it and you will need to print it again. Note: Direct printers (like in classrooms) do not hold your print jobs, and will not print if you have insufficient funds

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