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How do I access the college voicemail web interface?

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Article SummaryUsing the Cisco Personal Assistant webpage
You can use the Cisco web interface to make changes to your voicemail settings and greetings, or to listen to your messages.

To access the Cisco voicemail web interface

  1. If you are not on campus, connect with VPN.
  2. In your browser, go to
This will take you to the Cisco Personal Assistant webpage.
  1. Enter your college network username and password. For example, if your name is Pat Smith, your username would be something like smithp, or smithp2.
  2. If you encounter pages asking you to accept, confirm or agree with a possible security certificate question go ahead and answer in the positive.
Note: This is your computer going to this website for the first time. You need to accept this new certificate to proceed. This is normal and expected the first time.
  1. If you are prompted to install Java, go ahead. This will allow you to play sound in the interface and even record greetings and messages. Without it, you will only be able to see recorded text information.
Congratulations! You are now logged into the Cisco Personal Assistant webpage!



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