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How can I get Microsoft Visio installed on my computer?

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Article SummaryInformation on installing and accessing Microsoft Visio.
This article is for students and staff.
Note: If you are installing any Microsoft application, choose the 32-bit version. If you do not, your computer will have errors.

Microsoft Visio is not part of the standard Microsoft Office package, and needs to be installed separately.
Not all students have free access to Visio -- if your college program has access to the software for installation (Is my college program a BYOD program?), in your Software on the Algonquin Digital Resources Portal you will have an additional software tab titled "DreamSpark Premium" . For help with the portal, see What is the Digital Resource Portal?

If you do not have free access to Visio in the Digital Portal, you can still use Visio as a student (as long as you have a valid network account) via MyDesktop or via college lab computers. For more information see What is MyDesktop? or How do I find out which labs have which software?

To install MS Visio on a college computer, contact ITS.
To install MS Visio on your personal computer, you can borrow a copy of Microsoft Visio at the library of your campus. For help, see As staff, how do I get Microsoft software (Office, Windows) on my personal computer?



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