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Can I print my eTextbooks?

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Article SummaryYes you can, but there are some limitations.
This article is intended for all students in an eTextbook program at all campuses.
You can print your eTextbook directly from in the Texidium app using the printer icon in the toolbar. To download the Texidium app, see How do I download Texidium apps?
Note: eTexts cannot be printed through the Texidium mobile apps or on online version.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • You will only see the print icon when your eText is local on your device. If there is no print icon, your eText is likely greyed out and on the cloud. Double click on it to download it, and then you will be able to print.
  • Important - You can only print 1 chapter at a time. To print a selection, see How do I print a selection from an eTextbook? You can print one page or one chapter in Texidium. You need to know what page in the chapter you want to print.

  • When you print, any markups you have on that chapter will also be printed off (highlights, etc.)
  • You must print from within the Texidium app, not your browser - you will never see the printer icon in your browser.
  • You cannot print through mobile apps, only through computers, laptops, and tablets.
If you have a Mac and are having problems printing, see How do I print a selection from an eTextbook?

Note: If you are printing and see a message indicating you have reached 100% limit of your printing, you need to phone Texidium at 1-877-335-1186 and have Texidium reset your printing ability. If you have trouble with this, come to the ITS service desk for assistance - How can I contact ITS?

Once you are connected to the college network, you can connect to printers on campus and send your documents to print. For more on student printing, see:



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