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As an Algonquin College alumni, what IT services can I access?

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Article SummaryAlumni continue to have their ACSIS and email account, but not their network accounts after graduation.
This article is intended for students and alumni at all campuses.
As an Algonquin College alumni,  both your ACSIS account and your Office365 account remain active and accessible. For more information, see What is ACSIS? or What is Office 365?

Your ACSIS account is assigned for life - you do not get a different account at any point. You can log into your ACSIS account using your student number and password to view your final grades, academic planner, previous tax receipts, and program status. If you cannot remember your information, contact ITS for assistance

Your Office365 account will remain active, as long as you log in once every 4 months. This lets you continue to use your Algonquin Live email even after you have graduated. For details, see What happens to my student email account when I graduate?

One change is that alumni do not have a college network account. There are a number of services that you will not have access to without a network account:
  • Blackboard (your account is deactivated if you are not attending classes),
  • Digital Resource Portal, and
  • ACSecure wifi (can still use ACGuest) are the main ones.
The network account and these services are paid for by the IT Fee (What is the IT Fee?) you pay each term while in college.

Note: Algonquin College does not provide dialup or ISP services to alumni or retirees, see Does Algonquin College provide dialup?



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