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A group of us can't connect to the college wifi. How do I report this?

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Article SummaryITS needs you to provide information to help troubleshoot these issues.
This article is intended for students, staff, and faculty at all campuses.
There are 4 easy steps you should try before reporting the problem to ITS.
(yes, these are still valid if a group of people all have problems connecting)
  1. Check the @AlgonquinITS Twitter feed for any outages. Outages are also emailed to your student account and are posted on the ITS website.
  2. See if you have access to any websites - an internal college web page such as, or an external web page such as
  3. Try disconnecting from the network, power off your device, wait for 30 seconds, power it back on, and try re-connecting.
  4. Check the ITS Help Centre online help database. The Help Centre has many solutions to common issues, and likely has a solution to your issue. If not, it may be a bigger problem with the wireless network. 
Note: If you try any troubleshooting steps, inform ITS of which steps you tried and what the results were.
If these steps don't correct the issue, report the issue to the ITS Service Desk via: ITS will appreciate you including as much information as you are able to help resolve the issue.
No matter how you report the problem, please provide the following information at a minimum:
  1. Your name, and network username. Be prepared to give your student ID number if needed.
  2. The location where you experienced the issue (campus, building, room or nearest). Be as exact as possible.
  3. Date and time you had the problem. Include duration as well.
  4. The name of the network you attempted to connect to - either ACSecure or ACGuest.
  5. If others had the same problem, how many others?
  6. What device(s) had problems connecting (be as specific as possible). For example - Windows or Apple, laptop/tablet/cell, hardware versions, etc. Note: If you are reporting for a group, include as much information about all their devices experiencing the problem as possible.
  7. Any other detailed information about the problem such as - you were checking email, Blackboard, or watching a video.
Once ITS receives this information from you, it will be used by the wireless network technologists to troubleshoot the network issues, and solve the problem in a robust manner so that there is less chance of it happening again.



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