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Why is my network account password reset not syncronizing properly?

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Article SummaryThis article explains possible causes of password reset not syncronizing.
This article is intended for all staff and students at all campuses.
If your network password was recently reset, you need to logout and re-login on all devices where you use your account - devices such as your work computer, home laptop, all tablets, and all cell phones.

Otherwise, the device(s) will try to use the wrong (old) password. This can become a problem if the device is making fast automatic attempts in the background. When this happens, your account will be locked out for a few minutes.

If this happens to you, take your device off the network (logout and disconnect wifi or remove the network cable), and wait up to 20 minutes for your account to unlock. Try to find out what program is attempting to connect in the background, and shut it off before you re-connect to the network. If you were successful, once you change your password and login, you can reactivate that software without problem.

If you can't find which device is it, disconnect all devices from the network, and then add them back one by one slowly until one of them shows the problem. Then you can troubleshoot that device as outlined above.

For assistance, contact ITS - How to contact ITS.  



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