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Where can students print on campus?

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Article SummaryThis article shows where printers are on the Woodroffe campus using student print credits.
Students have a number of options for printing on campus.

Student printers

There are printers across campus that are for student use. These are generally in access labs, classrooms, and common areas. To print to these printers students will need a network account (How do new students get a network account?), and either print credits or money on their AC Cash card (How can I check my balance available for printing?). Note that to access these printers students will need to have PaperCut and the printer queue installed on their computer.
For more on student printers, see:

Web print portal

Students can also print using the web portal. You do not need to install any software, but you will still need a network account and either print credits or money on your AC Cash card to pay for the printing.
For the steps, see How do students print using the web portal?
Note: If you are using a guest print card, you must use the web print portal.

The Print Shop

Anyone, students or others, can print at the campus Print Shop. They offer many different print services such as laminating, large format printing, vinyl printing, 3D printing, and more.
For more information about services available at the Print Shop and its location, see the Print Shop webpage.

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For  more information on printing, see:
For more information on what IT fees cover see, What is the IT Fee?



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