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What wireless networks are available on campus?

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Article SummaryThe wifi networks available on Algonquin College campus are ACSecure and ACGuest.


The wifi networks available on Algonquin College campus are ACSecure and ACGuest.


This wifi network is for visitors and people who do not have an AC network ID or password. ACGuest has limited bandwidth and services: you can only connect to the public Internet and to webmail on this wireless connection.

The ACGuest wifi network requires no authentication, and should work when you select the ACGuest SSID on your device.

Please keep in mind that ACGuest is an open guest network. This network connection is not secure. When using ACGuest, Algonquin College recommends that you protect your information by only accessing sites that are encrypted and avoiding mobile apps that require that you input your personal or financial information. You can also manually encrypt your traffic using a virtual private network (VPN), for more information about VPNs, please see the What is VPN? article.

Staff, Faculty, and Students of Algonquin College should always use ACSecure. For more information on data privacy see the Algonquin College Information Security website.


This secure wifi network requires that you login with your AC network ID and password. Use ACSecure to access all student services. For help, see: How do I connect to the ACSecure wifi network?



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