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What is SharePoint Connect?

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Article SummaryMicrosoft SharePoint Connect is the Algonquin college's collaboration tool.
Microsoft SharePoint Connect is the College's staff collaboration tool. Committees, Departments, Schools and other groups can manage their documents, hold discussions on various topics, maintain a list of documents and much more. All in a secure environment.

SharePoint is a Microsoft web-based product that is accessed using your Internet Explorer browser software. While other browsers can also be used with SharePoint, Internet Explorer 8 or above is recommended.

To access the staff SharePoint Connect website, click the following link:

Note: You must be connected to the College network using VPN when accessing SharePoint Connect from off-campus.

For information on VPN, please refer to the following: For more on SharePoint in general, see the Microsoft SharePoint website.

For more on SharePoint at the college, see:



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