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What is Microsoft Visio?

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Article SummaryMS Visio is an application for drawing diagrams and vector graphics.
Microsoft Visio is a software application for drawing flowcharts, org charts, other diagrams and vector graphics. It is part of Microsoft Office, but is not included in all versions of Office. For more information, see What is Microsoft Office?

Visio was first released in 1992 by Shapeware, and was bought by  Microsoft (MS) in 2000 - Visio version 6.1 was the first release by Microsoft.

Visio 2010 and earlier read and write drawings in VSD or VDX file formats. Visio 2013 drops support for writing VDX files in favor of the new VSDX and VSDM file formats.

For more information on Visio, see the Microsoft Visio website.
For help with Visio, see the Microsoft Office support website.
To download Visio Reader (you can read Visio files, but not edit them), go to Microsoft's Visio Reader page.

If you are staff and need MS Visio installed on your staff computer, contact ITS to start the process - How to contact ITS. ITS will be able to either connect remotely to your computer to install the software, or you can bring your computer to the service desk for the install. Staff also have access to software via MyDesktop - What is MyDesktop?

All students in a BYOD program (What is a BYOD program?) can download Microsoft Office from the college's Digital Resource Portal, or use it on MyDesktop, the virtual desktop - What is MyDesktop?
Downloading MS Office can take a long time, and it is best downloaded over a wired network (not wireless). 

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