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What is Microsoft Internet Explorer?

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Article SummaryInternet Explorer is the Microsoft standard web browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), or just Internet Explorer (IE), is a web browser developed by Microsoft and included as part of the Windows operating systems since 1995. Internet Explorer 11 is included with Windows 10, but is not the default browser.

Versions of Internet Explorer for other Microsoft operating systems have been produced including XBOX 360, and Internet Explorer Mobile which is made for Windows Phone and Windows CE.

Estimates for Internet Explorer's market share as of October 2012 between 27 and 54%, considerably down from 2002-2003 when it had an estimated 95% market share.

Many Algonquin College systems work best with Internet Explorer, such as SharePoint. For more, see What is SharePoint Connect? However some systems have compatibility issues with IE 10 - if you encounter this problem, try a newer version or a different browser.

To download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, go to the Windows website.

For help using Internet Explorer 11, go to Browsing the Web on the Windows website.

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Note: Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer versions 8,9, and 10 as of January 12, 2016. This means there will be no more updates, bug fixes, or security patches for these versions.



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