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What is Evergreening?

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Article SummaryEvergreening is the process that replaces old teacher laptops with newer models.
This article is intended for faculty teaching in BYOD programs at all campuses.
At Algonquin College, Evergreening refers to the process of upgrading old technology and computing devices on a scheduled plan. This process applies to computing equipment and software at the college as funding permits. Examples include network infrastructure, AV equipment, and eClassroom equipment.

The college directive on Evergreening is available through the URL below.

Faculty hear about Evergreening of college assigned laptops. Here are some details about this program.
  • available to full time faculty,
  • laptops to be replaced must be 3 years or older,
  • all laptops must be returned at the time of Evergreening, ie. if faculty member has 3 laptops all 3 will be returned at time of Evergreening,
  • faculty are responsible to backup their own data - How do I backup my data in Windows?,and
  • laptops being returned must be in clean undamaged condition. Any damage that cannot be covered under warantee will be billed to your department.
Note: Contact ITS for special instructions regarding laptops that were misplaced or stolen that are scheduled to be Evergreened. For more information, see How to contact ITS.

Note: At no time will student or personal computing equipment be upgraded through the Evergreen process.

Availability: Contact ITS for Evergreen availability.




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