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What free cloud storage options do I have?

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Article SummaryThis article is intended for all staff and students at all campuses.

​Using a cloud storage app can simplify your work and let you rest easy knowing that all of your important files are backed up to an internet server. Most cloud storage apps let you designate a certain folder on your computer that will serve as a cloud folder; anything placed in that folder will be saved to the cloud.

Here are some of the most common cloud storage apps for Windows:

OneDrive - Microsoft's OneDrive offers 1 TB of free storage for Algonquin students and staff using their student account. OneDrive is integrated into Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 automatically, so most Windows 8.1 users will have it if they have signed in with their Microsoft account. OneDrive also allows users to pay in order to upgrade their account's storage capacity. Algonquin students and staff with a valid network account have access to OneDrive as part of Office 365, which can be accessed here.

Dropbox - Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage. Users who need more than 2 GB can buy upgrades. The Dropbox app sits in the Windows taskbar and reports file updates and syncing status. Dropbox integrates well with mobile phones and allows automatic backup of photos taken on the user's phone.

Google Drive - Google Drive comes free with a Google account and allows 15 GB of free storage shared between your Gmail, Google Docs, and other Google services. Users can pay to upgrade to greater amounts.

Copy - Copy, by Barracuda Networks, offers 15 GB of free storage with upgrade options. The Copy app is almost identical to the Dropbox app and offers similar features.

Note: Algonquin College is not responsible for, does not support, and does not endorse these applications. Use your own judgement or get professional advice when evaluating third party software




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