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The staff printer I use isn't working, how can I troubleshoot it?

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Article SummaryRead the error message carefully, and get the key operator. If all else fails, call ITS.
When the staff printer you use doesn't work properly or is showing an error message try the steps lsited in Why can't I print to a staff printer ?

The key operator is the person who is trained to fix common problems, replace toner, paper, and so on. They normally sit near the printer. When possible, go to that person first as they will know if there are any issues with the printer.

Note: Do not try to open up the printer or do any major fixes! Printers are expensive, and they have a support contract for trained professionals to fix anything beyond a paper jam.

If you can't find the key operator, contact ITS How can I contact ITS? with the information about the printer including
  • model number,
  • printer name on the network (the name of the printer you selected on your computer),
  • printer location (what building and room is it in), and
  • the printer ID number on the tag on the front of the printer, see How do I find the Konica Minolta printer ID number?
ITS may also ask you for more information on the problem, before sending someone to fix the issue.



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