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What is the difference between my Network ID and Algonquin ID?

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Article SummaryFor all staff and students. What is the difference between the Network ID and the Algonquin ID.

When you are talking with ITS about computer issues, it can be confusing to hear network ID and Algonquin ID. Here are the definitions of the two IDs to help you keep them sorted out.

Network ID

Your AC Network Account ID, or network account, is what will allow you access to the majority of Algonquin College's services, including Blackboard and Live@AC. This is used to sign you into everything except ACSIS.
Your network ID username is also your email address. For example, if your username is name1234, your email is (for staff) or (for students).

Algonquin ID

ACSIS is the only login or service that will require a different ID. This ID is called your Algonquin ID.
Your Algonquin ID username is your student number.
If this is your first login, your password is your Date of Birth (DOB) in the following format:
dd-mmm-yyyy (e.g. 12-mar-1980) Note: hyphens are included.
For help logging in, see How do students log into ACSIS?

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