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I'm a student and I need to print a confidential document, what should I do?

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Article SummaryUse a FindMe printer where you need to tap your ID card to release the print job. Or go to the Print Shop.
If you loose a confidential document, report it to campus security.
For confidential printing, you have a number of options available. Note: If at any time you are unsure, talk to a faculty or staff member for advice.

Print to a FindMe printer

FindMe printers are all over campus. The secure part is that you need to tap your ID card to release your print job. It is printed when you are there, so there is no chance of anyone else taking your document.
For help with Find Me printing, see:

Print at the Students' Association office in E building

If you need to print a report or resume, you can go to the Student Association office. All students are entitled to limited printing for these services at the SA office. They also offer school related faxing (non-school faxes are $1 per page local calls, $3 per page for long distance), and scanning. The printing will be done in front of you, with no risk of loosing the document.
For more information, see the Students Association website.

Print at the Print Shop in Connections the campus store

When you print at the Print Shop, you are physically there - you send the print job from the computer there, turn around and talk to the person doing the printing. The cost is the same as student printing.
For more information, see the Print Shop website.

IMPORTANT - If you loose an important confidential document, report it immediately to campus security.



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