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I can't access MediaSite. What can I do?

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Article SummaryMediaSite supports IE or Firefox. Other browsers will not work.
MediaSite does not support Silverlight (What is Microsoft Silverlight?). Due to this, some web browsers will not work.
You need to use Internet Explorer (What is Microsoft Internet Explorer?) or Firefox (What is Mozilla Firefox?) to use MediaSite.

When you have an event, A/V staff will provide you with the URL to access your recorded event. If you loose that URL or it does not work, contact ITS to request it and the A/V staff will contact you with the information.

Also it is possible that something is wrong with your DNS settings (What is DNS?). For more, see Why am I unable to access Blackboard or while connected to the college network?

For more information on MediaSite, see What is MediaSite?
For help or training, contact ITS to arrange a Blackboard session - How to contact ITS.



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