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I am using Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. I can’t use Secure Portal. What can I do?

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Article SummaryThis is for all students and staff at all campuses.
This was a known issue with the combination of Windows 8 and IE 10 before they were updated. For help, see What version of Internet Explorer do I have?
The first step is to update both your Windows 8 operating system and Internet Explorer 10. Ensure you check back after updates are completed to make sure there are no updates waiting. This should fix your problem.

If updates don't help, we recommend installing and using Cisco AnyConnect VPN. It is easier to use, and avoids this problem.

 Note: You cannot connect to the Secure Portal or VPN if you are connected to the college network.

For more information, see - How do I install Cisco AnyConnect VPN client automatically (Windows, Mac) ?

Also, IE 10 and earlier has problems displaying the Algonquin College main website. For more, see The Algonquin college website is not displaying properly. What can I do?

Note: As of January 12, 2016 Microsoft is no longer supporting Internet Explorer version 10, or Windows 8 (Windows 8.1 is still supported). If you are using these versions, you should upgrade to the current versions to ensure you receive current security patches, bug fixes, and updates. 



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