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How do I decide which remote connection option is best for me?

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Article SummaryThe connection option you use is decided by what services you use.

Secure portal (HTML) is easier to use, but VPN works with all services. For more information, see How do I log onto the Algonquin College Secure Portal? and How do I connect to VPN?

To make this decision, you need to answer:

You will find the answers to these questions in this article below.

What services do you need to access?

Some college services have no special security requirement, others require at least Secure Portal, and others only accept VPN.

Services that have no special security requirement include:
  • Blackboard
  • ACSIS for students
  • Email through Live@AC – Students
  • Email through Office 365 - Staff

Secure Portal is needed for

  • Online Pay System
  • Sharepoint.
  • N Drive

VPN is needed for

  • MyDesktop,
  • GeneSIS,
  • Web Server Posting, and
  • PeopleSoft

Note: You can use all these services (when off-campus) when connected with VPN.

What type of device are you using?

The college standard system is a computer running Windows 7 or 8. With this system, you will be able to access all services and install any additional software required.

Older systems or other devices such as mobile phones will be limited depending on what software they can install. All devices have some type of VPN client available but may not be able to install additional software such as VMware.

Note: If your device doesn't support the remote connection method you need to use for a service, you must use a different device.

How comfortable are you with computers?

Some remote connection options involve installing and configuring software. The Cisco VPN client or the VMWare client to use MyDesktop can be overwhelming for inexperienced computer users. However, both provide benefits that make them worthwhile.

For inexperienced users, the Secure Portal and HTML version of MyDesktop are easier. They do not require you to install software - you simply use your web browser.  For more information on MyDesktop, see How do I connect to MyDesktop using my web browser? and MyDesktop doesn't work with my browser. What are my alternatives?

For more information on remote connections, see:




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